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Choir singers

The Swedish vocal ensemble Octava in Östersund was founded in 1989 and then consisted of eight members. Today the ensemble has increased to 23 choir singers. The members all have a great deal of experience of singing in a choir and a common ambition to develop both as a group and as soloists and they see in Octava the opportunity to take on  greater challenges.



Helen Asklund

Kicki Gustafsson

Kristina Nordquist

Britt-Marie Öhrman-Bergqvist

Kiki Korths-Aspegren

Elisabeth Claesson-Trång

Elin Granbom


Katarina Nordberg

Astrid Åslin-Kardin

Ylva Åström

Ida Högdal

Elisabeth Ståhl

Lisbet Gibson

Lina Lannemyr Lindahl


Lars-Åke Wikström

Magnus Gibson

Brent Johnson

Per-Olov Olsson


Gustaf Biasoletto

Rasmus Lövgren

Johan Johansson

Johan Iwald

Staffan Hillström